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Helping You with Returns and Audits

Let Howell Tax Service handle everything from simple income tax returns to tax audits. Our company offers the best tax services in Zion, Illinois. Contact us to schedule tax preparation services all year round.

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Filing Returns

Income tax returns don't have to be hard! Just bring in your financial and employment information and we will review your documentation with you. Any tax changes over the past year will be discussed, as well as reducing your outgoing income if the return is too large. This will reduce what you owe and keep more money in your pocket during the year.

Multi-Year Tax Returns

When you have neglected to file income tax returns, the IRS will send you a letter. Bring it to us and we'll help you deal with filing multiple years' income tax returns at once. We can even find lost W2s! There's no limit on how many years' returns we can file.

Tax Audits

If you are being audited for a previous year, we can rectify the problem for you. You will need to give us power of attorney so we can speak to the IRS for you. We have extensive knowledge of tax codes and can help you with tax audits or any other any situation at hand.

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